VA READS is the official book award and 

a program of the 

Virginia Association of School Librarians.


Our mission is to provide educators and parents with an annual list of quality, inclusive children's literature to be used in classrooms, homes and libraries to provide students with the opportunity to experience windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors in children's literature.  

*Note: Confused by the term sliding doors?   Sliding doors "These doors allow readers to walk into a story and become part of the world that has been created by the author. "    (Mirrors, windows and sliding doors originated from Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop.)

In thinking about diverse books, we also subscribe to the quote from Marian Wright Edelman.                                                         "You can't be what you can't see."

Contact us:  read@vareads.com or contact director, Ami Schroder at ami@vareads.com