2023-2024 Picture Book List

2023 – 2024 VA READS Picture Book Selections


Abdul’s Story by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow ISBN: 978-1534462984 Abdul loves storytelling, but he struggles to write his stories on paper.  A special visitor teaches him that it’s ok to make mistakes.

Amu Wu and the Warm Welcome by Kat Zhang ISBN: 978-1534497351 Amy Wu does her best to make her new classmate feel welcome.

Berry Song by Michaela Goade ISBN: 978-0316494175 Featuring informative back matter, this picture book follows a Tlingit grandmother and granddaughter as they gather berries like their ancestors before them. (A 2023 Caldecott Honor Book)

Everyone Loves Lunchtime but Zia by Jenny Liao ISBN: 978-0593425428 Zia dreads lunchtime but during her birthday week her parents pack a different Cantonese dish each day along with the meaning of the meal and she realizes her food might just bring her good fortune after all.

King Sejong Invents an Alphabet by Carol Kim ISBN:  978-0807541616 The true story of Korean King Sejong who created an alphabet for his people.

Luli and the Language of Tea by Andrea Wang ISBN: 978-0823446148 While waiting for her parents who are in a class for English language learners, Luli creates community and breaks the ice by sharing a pot of tea, a ritual common across many cultures.

Me and Muhammad Ali by Jabari Asim  ISBN: 978-1524739881 Langston loves to chant his poetry like his idol Muhammad Ali.  He’s excited for his visit but is stopped at the door of the event because it is for students of the high school only.  Inspired by an event that happened to the author’s mother.

My Fade is Fresh by Shauntay Grant ISBN: 978-0593387085 A young girl speaks up for herself and ensures she walks out of the barbershop rocking the fabulous hair style she chose.

Rosas’s Song by Helena Ku Rhee ISBN: 978-0593375495  Jae learns that making friends is the same no matter where you go as you learn your new community and that a simple act of kindness can be passed along to others. 

What’s Your Name? by Bethanie Deeney Murguia  ISBN: 978-1536218565  Names hold power and connect us to others.  They help create who we are and what makes us uniquely special.